What GOD do you believe in? Many cultures throughout human history have developed various concepts of who and where god is. It is too easy to say that your god exists in your heart - that is to say that god exists because you believe it - but if god is real, where is s/he? If we cut open your heart will we find god? There must be a place you can point to and say: “there is god,” even as cultures past have offered up the following ideas.

-A god who walks this planet and lives among her people?

-A god that lives in a grand temple?
-A mountain god?

-A god who is the planet?
-A sky god?

-A moon god?
-A sun god?
-A god that overreaches us and forms the shell within which contains the sky, solar system and the stars?
-A god that lives in space around our solar system?
-A god that exists within our universe and floats around in the massive empty spaces between the stars?
-A god that exists somewhere within the multidimensional possibilities of the universe?
-A god that overreaches our universe and forms the shell or fabric that comprises our universe?
-A god that existed before the Big Bang and who is expressed by the fabric and creation of the dreamworld we call the universe?
-A god that exists outside of and independent of our universe?



Drawn from mythological research:

Coyote is the god who walks this planet and lives among her people. She is our mother and created us from her own body. Mythology suggests that Coyote in turn was created by Old Creator from the material of this planet. Old creator was furious at Coyote for 'stealing' the knowledge of creation, and attempted to destroy humankind. Coyote saved a few of us and drove Old Creator off.


Coyote rebuilt this planet for us after the massive flooding, earthquakes and destruction of the melting of the last Ice Age (Old Creator's attack), but is condemned to remain here with us. She has been influencing our development and has gained a reputation as a trickster because her ways are not ours: she has her own agenda.


Old Creator will come back to reclaim his property and we may be encouraged by Coyote to fight, or, if you follow the Raelian religion: A change of government has occurred with Old Creator and we have until 2030 to prove that we are worthy of membership in the celestial hierarchy.


The story of Coyote is strikingly similar throughout diverse cultures around the world and is known by many names. As Coyote is as American as Mom and Apple Pie, I have chosen that name.