Science doesn't answer the big 'why?' questions.  For me neither does religion. All religious 'answers' simply prompt further questions that generally lead to implausible chains of thought that forego reason. For science to answer why questions one must first clarify just what kind of answer will satisfy. It is possible that science will someday progress to the extent that it is confident in its answers to all the 'how?' questions. It may well be that we find that the way space, time, matter exist is the only possible way that they could exist and that the existence of the universe is inevitable. It may be that we find that the way that matter is organised inevitably leads to consciousness and that we understand how consciousness works to such an extent that we can build artificial consciousnesses. However if science did all of that would that be a sufficient answer for the religious?  I doubt it. Just as I do not find religious answers to be satisfactory I do not think that the religious will find the answers that science is capable of to be satisfactory.  Are there any 'answers' that science could provide that would cause believers to abandon their faith?