One tool in the White House web suite launched since January 20, marks a coup for civil society and government transparency. is the first effort of its kind initiated to track and vet the passage and implementation of an act of Congress. Wired recently tracked its progress and the digtiization of government for public consumption.

In addition to making freely available the full details of a major piece of legislation, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ushers in new technologies like RSS, XML, and KML to release government data on a mass scale. Tech businesses that truck in such feeds stand to gain handsomely by partnering with the federal government. Reams of data resting in government databases are just waiting for distribution. 

Where do big thinkers stand on opening up backlogs of government records? Are media-style RSS feeds the best approach to releasing the information? Could the effort have any downsides for a privacy-sensitive public?