I have just been enlightened to the reason for failing. It happened when I was talking to one of my friends who is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan. (Before the end of the 07 season) He was excited that the NY Yankees have come within a game and a half of his AL East leading Red Sox. He was telling me that in the past few years after the Sox won the Series in 2004 there was something missing. He called it the "edge." The anticipation of this being the year they win for the first time has gone. The thought of running into the Yankees and getting their butts kicked has gone. That feeling of "maybe" and at the same time in the back of your mind fearing the worst because you've seen it happen before. He wanted it, because that's what kept him on the edge of his seat and watching every game. Struggle is entertaining. He says he doesn't miss it but maybe he will shrug off day-to-day losses a bit easier because he can always fall back on 04 and how they won the whole thing. I asked him a few times if he missed the "Curse" and he always says "hell no, but I missed the time I had then." It was like Jack in that flash-forward episode of Lost, wandering around LA with a bad beard as he bemoaned the fact that he'd been rescued. He had missed the island.

People want a struggle. Its one of those things that is hard to swallow but if you think deeper you understand why our creator made us the way we are. No one wants to struggle but we all need to struggle. It's as simple as the chair you sit in, the car you drive and the computer you are using to read this right now, someone had to struggle to invent and create it. Everything you enjoy now in your life someone at some point had to struggle for you to have it. Weither you know it or not. Just as much as we need food, air, and water we need a struggle. What's the point of living if we never have to face anything? Life would be too easy, too boring. And knowing that the human subconscious can make its own struggles even when we don't want it we can make it. Insecurities we may have about ourselves when we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, when we talk to someone else or when we look at our job and the money we make is a barrier we put in our own heads. A struggle we might not want but our brain may subconsciously want us to have. If everyone thought they were perfect or fine where they are no one would try to do better.

My philosophy teacher asked my class if we will ever win the war on terror. I said no. Why? Because war and terror is done by humans who are never satisfied about where they are and will always strive for more. If people become satisfied then people become boring and people stop becoming human. As long as people have been on earth people have raged wars to better themselves or their "people." There will never have peace on earth as long as there are people on earth. The human mind is too complex to be satisfied with something as simple as peace. Just think of it as those old Roadrunner cartoons. What if Wile E Coyote caught the roadrunner? The show is over no more wondering how Wile e will come up with a new gadget that will backfire on him, no more running off of cliffs, no more show. No body wants to see the coyote sitting around sipping tea after his bird meal doing nothing. Peace is boring.

Why do people create things bigger, faster, stronger? Because people want to struggle to achieve something that hasn't been achieved. People are ambitious so people will always strive to be the best and if not the best then just better than they are. Why would the US government put billions of dollars to build bigger and better bombs that no one else has? Because we can. Some may say it's unnecessary for us to have enough bombs to blow up the world 5 times when all it takes is enough bombs to do it once. The human mind is never satisfied. If God knew we were satisfied about where we are he would have never made the universe as large and endless as it is.

"What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Its true, struggle makes us smarter by teaching us what to do and what not to do. To struggle is to evolve. Success is valued but struggle builds character. We all want to see the high fall so we can relate. It's normal for people's lives to be like a rollercoaster because it's the low points that make us stronger, faster, smarter, better. It is our moments of success that we are weakest. Success + Satisfaction = Weakness. Just take the world we lived in after the fall of the Soviet Union and before 9-11. Peace with no rival or threat (outside the US). Laid back as the only super power in the world and in our success hibernated and weakened only to awake to a new struggle in 2001. It is our struggle not our success that we are at our best. "It's not end but the journey that's the most important."  At the end you realize it was never your intention to succeed but to struggle whether you knew it or not. From the day you are born to the day you die struggling to survive you will always struggle. You will never be satisfied in this world and it's a good thing.