I have found that we eventually realize we have the "choice" to decide what fills our mind only at a later age in life. The understanding of this "ability to choose" only comes to us when we decide to succeed or succumb in the light of progressive thought. If we are stagnant thinkers that choose only to be comfortable with what we "think" we know, we will barely grow in thought. If we open our minds and begin to understand that thought is eternal, we become humble servants to change. There are many social conflicts happening in the world right now! The emotional atmosphere is charged and people are not thinking with their mind. They are responding to the stimulus of hatred and ignorance. Man's language, culture and government are great determining factors of peace or terrorism in the world. I submit that all violence and suffering in our world is a result of corrupted thought. The eternal thought will always exist and bring about good things. The unclear gray area of thought can be swayed to either the pure or corrupt when enough information is gathered. Even the 5500 year old book says that to be undecided about our thoughts can be dangerous. Therefore, I submit that you ponder and make a decision regarding your philosophical values. Just remain open to change if the need arises. This creates happiness and clarity of mind.