The world has become geographically closer. Hence so far apart and distant because of social tensions and economic inequalities. A major challenge will be to adapt to live in real time and make decisions accordingly. Education, in my view, is by far the most important issue to be attended by governments and civil society. As information technology is taking all of us up to the limits of the new frontiers, common, simple and traditional values are vanishing...The ugly and dangerous side of human neuronas leaded by a "kind of greed" is creating a paralell world - money laundering, drugs / human / arms trafficking, Ponzy style behavoiurs...A scary world in front of us. For those of us who believe in simplicity and good mood, life is so good and so challenging at the same time, that it deserves to be lived! At the very end, we all shall die.This kind of world should be preserved and I feel we have to fight for that. With unconventional weapons of course: love, respect, freedom!