I propose that schools implement mandatory curricula involving volunteerism in order to advance from each grade to the next. This could begin as early as the first grade as day trips with their classmates.  It can give children a sense of what they would most enjoy doing in life, instead of wandering aimlessly through their school years wondering what life's all about or -- worse  yet -- not caring at all.

Many children do not receive this type of guidance from their parents, because often the parents have no clue either.

Our children can have a better persepctive of their place in society, in the human race and in the scheme of all life's experiences by volunteering, starting at a young age.

I always took my daughter to volunteer activities and I firmly believe this would help reduce bullying and other undesirable behaviors by allowing children to see that they can make this world a better place, and by not wasting their time on undesirable behavior because they find a purpose in their young lives that will carry on throughout their adult lives. 

My own volunteerism led me to so many things I would never have experienced in life, not to mention skills that provided me several career options because of all I learned from it.

When children see that there is always someone worse off than themselves, and try to help ease the struggle for others, they find meaning in life.  And I know that "the meaning of life is to live a life of meaning".  This awareness is the key to many things that our children need to learn in order to be a productive and helpful part of society.  Volunteering makes one so grateful for all they have, and enables them to live with "An Attitude Of Gratitude" for all their blessings.  It helps them want to share what they have to offer for the betterment of all.