Est. 9m US workers are using documents that do not match with IRS/SSA/DHS databases. DHS is focusing on enforcement without the legalization avenue congress failed to provide. Opportunity exists to create incentives for workers to "come clean". Providing temporary work permits that can be used as an incentive to register proper identification with DHS/SSA/IRS. Alternative is to cause economic and social disruption in a lot of US industries (construction, agriculture, hospitality) at a time of economic crisis. Pushing these workers underground, and adding costly burdens specially on small US firms, could be the outcome of inaction. Additionally, multiple state and local jursidictions are usurping the Federal immigration jurisdiction, creating further dislocations and confusion. Temporary work permits as an inducement to avoid fraud and other irregularities in the work force would allow DHS/SSA/IRS to have accurate databases, and provide a smoth transition to current crisis for these millions of workers (Federal Court has injoined DHS from sending "no match" letters due to inaccuracies in the Federal databases).