As someone who is part of the singularity community,
I've been ready this whole time to upload my
brain/consciousness/whatever to the Internet, if not that then I'm definately ready to upload my conciousness into a machine.
It's obviously time. I think this sort of stuff should have been done
a long time ago. I want to be the first! I wouldn't care if I died in
the process and it was a total and complete failure, if I just got the
chance to be the first. There's nothing more important than the first,
the first is forever immortalized in his(or her)story.

Why do I want to do this?

With a digital consciousness, I would "live forever" just no longer in
the material world. I guess I would have no way of knowing if it was
me or not, I wonder if I would continue to "experience" my same "life"
in that "other form" of "reality."

The pros seem to outweigh the cons overwhelmingly. I would be
accessible to everyone, or maybe I could even become a virus,
infecting all government computers, simultaneously shutting them all
down at one single point in time.

To me, it seems like I would be akin to the
wizard of oz, in many respects, I would be able to manifest whatever I
want in cyberspace and in the digital landscape that is becoming ever
more clear? Is that really a way to turn nothing into something?

We have already evolved and progressed so much yet we still remain
trapped in the past. Our delusions, lies, hatred, de-evolution,
selfishness, and vices will be incomprehensible to a human from 100
years in the future. Everywhere I go I already see neanderthals
everywhere (they're already in charge of the government), it makes
sense that the future generations will be more evolved anyways.