The creation of "Universal Healthcare"  is a four step approach.

1) Medicare and Medicaid pays all claims of $100,000 and up. (This amount is for demonstration purposes only)

2) Individual purchases "Discount Cards" insuring the best prices for services.

3) Individuals purchase a $100,000 Major Medical Policy. Policy has high deductable to keep premiums low. Example: $5000 deductable.

4) Individuals along with the help of there employers, family, friends, and Non-Profit Foundations or personal loans, pay the discounted prices charged by participating PPOs.

These same family and friends can contribute to the monthly premiums and a Tax Deductable "slushfund" to cover charges up to the deductable. In this case, $5000.

Everyone gets help and everyone gets PAID.

This will keep prices down by eleminating BAD DEBTS that force providers to increase prices.

This stops the VISCIOUS CYCLE of upward price spiraling.

Todd Disner