I envisage a continuous increase in the number of two and three- wheelers clogging our roads.  These can poke their front wheel into small gaps in traffic.  They have difficulty stopping short in traffic without losing balance.  They inevitably clog roads and slow down traffic.  They are more efficient than cars in the use of road space and fuel for transporting people.

MY IDEA is to create raised pathways wide enough only for 3 wheelers and not wide enough for any four wheelers. Provide entry and exit points at all major junctions and locations.

These vehicles will no longer clog the roads for cars and buses.

They will only  compete amongst themselves for road space and for right of being first.

They will have less serious accidents amongst themselves (than if they were to be in the midst of lorries, water tankers and buses)

It is easier to buld overhead roads for two and three-whelers than to build overbridges for buses and other heavy vehicles.  These overhead roads can go right along the existing roads and will not require additional land acquisition.