Humanitys union                                                                                                                                                                           I think a good solution to insure humanitys exsistance would be for policy makers in countrys around the to addapt a envoirmentaliy safe energy, weather it be electricity or  air pressure, whatever is the most effective as far as speed, MPW(miles per whatever) and enviormentaly healthy most importantly to the atmosphere of our planet. I think also that nations should either embrace my theory on a one species nation or at least in the mean time create a union among the people of the planet to fix problems that effect our race in the present and the future such as killing our selfs with nukes, destroying our ozone layer, starving people in countrys like africa where phamines and war.(mayb a little to much power if the Union could stop wars or mayb it is doing the world but i think this union would have an obligation to justice and moral logic)   please reply with any opinion.           -Joseph James Bute                IM GONA SAFE YOUR SPECIES  PAL