Hey. To enlarge the length of attention span, as this is the basic intention of this website, this website should either be targeted to young kids or people who have control over the media. More specifically what shortens the attention span of kids, who grow up in to adults, eventually, is the TV viewing habits developed at a young age. Starting out the kids develop a short attention span of nearly 12 minutes due to the time of the actual TV show and the commercials. This is a problem where correcting the source is more beneficial in 'fixing' it. I find this site to appeal to adults mostly but whether or not it targets the group of adults who can change the lives of children, I really don't know. It only appeals to me, I am 15 year old teenager because I can say I am different than most of the other kids.

I'm wondering if someone else can further and educatedly expand on this potential answer to increasing the average attention span of a person. I hope to develop at least some controversy to this idea. Thanks