I AM SO SICK of hearing politicians and presidential canidates claim religion and a belief in GOD. There can be not religion or GOD in politics. NO politician or president has ever considered religion or morals while in office. IF religion and GOD are in politics then WHY are there people homeless hungery and in need of healthcare in this country??? remember love thy neighbor? How about the turn your other cheek adage? EVERY war that has been waged has been so called " in the name of GOD" STOP being so pathetic and a hypocrite and be honest. you want to run this country, because you want power and money. You want your pockets lined by the fat cat businessmen who really run this country and do it WITHOUT GOD!! Our government is so two faced, because they stand there spouting GOD and religion while trying to figure out how to rape and pilage our country.

Off shore drilling, destroying the environment, dictating to people what to think, how to act, who to be, and what to believe.

Here is a simple rule. the best way to know when a politician is lying? Their mouth is open!!!