I was Canadian born and bred and in the culture of academia there is a VERY clear distinction between College and University. I've spent time in Australia, Japan, Europe and the Middle East and no where else in the world do they call University "college". I find it to be ironic that Americans want to show themselves to the world as being educated, smart and interesting people, but yet they continue to down play their accomplishements by referring to their education levels as something the rest of the world sees as being 'less than' instead of what it really is. What I mean by that is if a person went to University why would they say they went to College? They are two completely different things in every part of the world. College is not equated with University and therefore it sounds as if the person has less education than they actually do. I realise that Universities have "colleges' from which people aquire knowledge, but ultimately they are graduating from University. Let me say that many people have achieved College certificates and are doing wonderful things in the world, but a college certificate is a far cry from a University Degree. Aren't you proud of your degree? Why would you minimise it?It makes no sense to me and wondered how others felt about this.