This topic is not a complete assault on the idea of a woman's right to choose, but rather a hopeful catalyst to get people thinking about what is really happening in Abortion. Lets look at some facts: 1. Abortion has always been heralded as a way to protect women who have been raped and find themselves pregnant. Truth: A generous estimate suggests that around 3,000 women a year are pregnant by rape, but in the US alone about 107, 750 babies are aborted EACH MONTH. Furthermore, most testimonials of rape victims who received abortions are filled with regret not gratitude. The bottom line is most women get abortions because a baby would hinder their lifestyle. 2. It is the woman's body so it is the woman's choice. Fact: While the woman is indeed the host of the baby, she contains within her a genetically unique entity. The chromosomal combination within the embryo is 100% unique and 100% non-replicable. Thus there is another completely unique person in the woman. What about its choice? 3. There are restrictions on when abortions can be done: Fact: While there is rhetoric thrown around about Roe vs. Wade and restriction that said court ruling imposed on abortions, no such limitations exist in the form of law. That means a child can be aborted up until the day before delivery. 4. The child doesn't feel pain. Fact: If an abortion in done post 11 weeks, the child feels every bit of that procedure. 5. The woman is better off without the child: Fact: Women who have abortions are NINE times more likely to commit suicide. Most struggle with life long depression and are 50% more likely to get breast cancer. These are just a spattering of truths. Some may read this and accuse me of stretching the truth. Well, it is most unfortunate but I don't have to. While it would be wonderful to see abortions made illegal, I would really like to see in our lifetime the truth about abortions getting out. One organization estimated that 98% of women who receive a sonogram or ultrasound prior to their abortions walk away from the procedure. This proves that most women who get abortions are simply uninformed. Don't deny the most natural thing that God and nature enabled women to do.