I understand the situation with "Global Warming". Yes, the human race is at fault for "some" of the melting ice. Has anyone looked at the "Magnetic" North & South poles. Its fact, the Magnetic Poles have moved 40 kph (+), from where they were 10 years ago. I'm not talking about movement in the normally area's of summer/winter month. I am referring to the placement of the "magnetic poles" on the Earth’s surface. The Earth normally moves 12:00 to 6:00 o'clock in the summer/winter months. But it’s moving further than this each year, 20kph more at 12:00, and 20kph more at 6:00 and has been within the last 10-year period. Science stated the landmass of the North Pole was once the South Pole, and 'vise-versa', billions+ years ago. And it would take just as long before it happens again. What if they were wrong and the “vise-versa’ was billions, billions, and billions+ year ago and we are seeing the beginning stages of these changes right now. That would mean Canada would end up at the equator and the US would be at the present location of the bottom part of South America; oh has anyone checked the ice melting at the South Pole.Your reading this and your thought’s are "...yeah, this guy has no idea what he's talking about, he’s crazy". Look at this information, it’s documented and it’s on the web. WE CANNOT STOP THIS ONE we can only prepare for it. It will happen, no matter how hard we struggle with global warming. ""There's only one Earth"". Who knows what types of bugs have been frozen in the ice for billions (+) of years. Do you want your children to go thru the struggle finding cures for bacteria man has never seen before? Or do you want to prepare for it. Now look at it this way. “What if it’s true?” It was once said “Man could never fly.” David R. Rae