I met you in Rohan game. At first I played the game, I did not know anything, you told me how to play, how to earn rohan crone. You took me played with you; slowly I found I have been depending on you. But you did not know. Sometimes you give me a little rohan gold and let me some things. At that time you did not know how happy I was. I thought you care about me.

Later, you said you had no much time to play the game. I said I would wait for you in Rohan. You said if you have time, you will come. So since that time, every day, I was waiting for you, every time you come to the Rohan game, you always said you were very busy and tried. I was pained you on such a busy and tired, I want to let you less tired and less painful. I given you my rohan online crone, you always refused; you know how I hope you can accept. So I always said, no problem, I can wait for you, I am willing to wait for you, I have been waiting for you in Rohan.

But later, I almost can not see you online. Since you left, my world is a blank. I can not sleep very night, soaking in the heart in tears so fragile. Sometimes I would like to soothe the wounds, but I can not do. Although in the game, I have been a lot of rohan online gold, but I was not happy. The always miss, miss of the day, I was reluctant to open my own hands. In fact, you already walked far, but I still can not forget those that have the sweet. I still can not forget the past and you. Insist it is very difficult, more difficult is let me happy.

Every day, in the game, I was just numb upgrade and earn rohan money. Last night, I met you again in the game, you greetings of understatement if I was good. Such a long time, my happiness, my sad is all because of you. Lose you, my heart is missing. But you are able to stand on the integrity of the non repudiation in front of me, smile to me, greeting to me ad usual. I thoroughly understand that from that in this love, I loved infatuation, but you loved heartless.

  Walk all the way back, I want to love and I can be like a true love, I know that it will be not you.