I have just been thinking of all the ideas I was brought up with and how with age they become more and more absurb. I have always looked for the truth but have not to lye in the Roman Catholic church. I have been brough up in the Catholic faith

The history of the church has been one of lying and cheating ppl. It situation is within Rome one of the worst place for corruption and mafia behaviour in all of history, not to mention in the bible Jesus was crucified by the Romans they hammered in the nail. This hatred of the Jews all seems to come from Rome because they where jealous of them and because they where rebeling against them in Israel. Everything about having the Vatican in the most famously corrupt country in the world known for the vices and not being truely catholic in nature sound insane when you clearly think about it. 

No logical person can believe that that the Vatican can be a place of the true religion on earth. I know that it can be said that religion was used as a weapon by the Italians when they where conquering and trying to control the world. Catholism is a good religion to make slaves out of ppl, love your master and be a good slave type thing and don't fight back for you country.

I've been to where the dali lama of the buddist faith resides and even in tibet or in India the place is sorrounded by good and helpful ppl, like the place where true religion should reside. Surely to me that the holy City should be stronger in faith than the rest of the world.

We live in a world where ignorance of relgion is strong. ppl say they are catholic but don't practice. That says alot.

I am a strong believer in God and I spent my youth following to a word what I read in the bible only with time and knowledge learning the truth behind it all. I believe faith should bring ppl together and unit them in worship of God but that it should be revised to remove all the propaganda of the Romans and be a religion for everyone with no mal intent.

I apologize if this offends anyone but I am coming to see what Martin Luther was going on about.