This is kind of a rant but I deeply believe in alot of what I think, so I decided to make this topic for Bryan. Ever aspiring love setter, that one...You watch, Muse, he'll kick you off the throne one of these days :P

So I'm sitting here trying to rationalize being an evil bastard. For the longest time, I wish it wasn't so.

Then I remembered something important. In a measurement, darkness is really the absence of light. In the world of fire, that's literally like comparing the hot versus cold ratio to one whole unit.

Take, for example, the beam of light from a flashlight. That beam is one full measurement of light, lets say, or to be technical it is MANY measurements of light. Take the shape of the beam and make an object out of it, and therein we have a measurement of light, with shape, intensity, and frequency. The shape is generated by the many "snapshots" over time (Like a frequency).

So I add an object into the mix, and it creates a shadow within that shape. Now there is a dark shape in the light, but measuring this beam of light on a 4 dimensional plane we observe that the shape of the darkness takes on attributes. The temperature changes, and the frequency/intensity diminish over time.

So are these not measurements of darkness?

I figure, Mr. Cridlebaugh, that this information comes in useful for being crafty with thoughts. It determines rest, a more "Natural" point of existence for anything existing over a 4th dimensional plane like ours.

So I say, if your light is blinding you, take a moment and sit in observance of it. And if you happen to see that measures of will outweigh your own measures of will (AKA actions coupled with emotion) then how fair is that?

How fair is that?

I plan on freezing myself shut. This fire will extinguish itself, and love will prevail. But like I said, the only thing that modifies a measurement of light is a measurement of darkness.

...I'm comfy. But we're not there yet ;)

Also, just pointing this out, that ending to Hancock was amazing. I dunno if you've ever seen it, but you should (Cheesy as it is).