The Next Great Split

"Why I hold out hope for mankind"


The Christian faith is ever more increasingly being divided into two very separate and distinct camps, not Catholic and Protestant but rather pro and anti evolutionists, progressive and literalist. While it is true that the Christian faith has survived "cataclysmic partings" in the past it is my assertion that this time the sea will swallow them up and spell the end of Christianity as we know it. Today in America at Christian Universities and higher learning centers all across this land like Baylor Baptist University in Texas a whole generation of students are being taught evolution not as just a wacky theory but as Scientific fact. Out is the dogmatic approach to God and the bible they are now attempting to make adjustments in their faith and make room for Science. They are however trying to put their own very wacky spin on it by adding that this is simply God’s process that he created life through the process we call evolution. They see this as a reasonable and progressive step in their way of thinking and I guess in a way it is. They however seem to be unaware of what they are actually saying which is that if evolution is true then the creation story in Genesis is not. That in fact the Earth was not created in six days and that we were not formed with a magic word and a lump of clay. Now this might not seem like a big deal at first to them or to us after all who in their right mind would believe that the story in Genesis is true, but this it is a very big deal because essentially what they have done to my delight is sent a thousand cracks through the very foundation of their faith. It will not belong now before this new generation of Christians start to say well if Genesis is full of lies so may be the rest of the bible and with no foundation for their faith how long will the myths be able to stand, odds are not very long. The literalists in my opinion won’t have it any easier with the science being ever more difficult to ignore and suppress people will begin questioning what they have been told and what they themselves have told others. So what we are left with in the end is a faith that is Damned if they do and Damned if they don’t and that my friends is why I hold out hope for Mankind.


William Dawkins aka Billy Dennis Jr