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The Nantucket Project Announces This Year’s Theme: Collective Intelligence

The theme of this year’s Nantucket Project is Collective Intelligence, or how we can leverage technology and other advances to aggregate and amplify human intelligence. We plan to utilize the tools of collective intelligence to solicit input from the audience at the event as well as the audience at home so that the perspectives of our presenters will be supplemented by a wider range of opinions. 

Separately but relatedly, we are going to experiment with a new approach to formats so The Nantucket Project can practice what it preaches and avoid the rut of replicating the current paradigm for conferences that offer no synthesis or ultimate takeaway.

We feel strongly that the role of the editor or curator must not be undercut, so we plan to convene a board of key participants to provide a summation of the best ideas, presented in one voice, at the conclusion of the event. The end product will look decidedly old-school, in light of the way ideas are typically exchanged and valued today. Most importantly, our board of curators will provide a synthesis, connecting the dots between ideas and an explanation for how we collectively arrived at our conclusions.

Watch the video here:

Image courtesy of Megan Brosnan

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