In my reality life I have not many friends ,for I sometimes will be feel lonely .So the game is my heart wants to go ,in my mind in this game must be full of happiness and I will have lots of friends in the net game. Luckily for me I thought ,at this time I met him ,the taller and more handsome boy .In my college , He is also like playing games , I know him not only he is so handsome but likes playing games ,and now he is a skilled player in the net games.When I saw him at the front of computer table he is playing the game named Asda story . I asked him took me in this game for I am a new. Beyond my thoughts he is so kind and friendly .He told me that if I want to play this game at first I should have my own Asda story gold and use this I should play continue to upgrade . I told him that as you know I am a fresh could you tell me how I buy Asda story gold ? In our communicating ,I know that he had one girl friend before ,but now they had broken up ,the reason is clearly ,the girl did not love one who plays games .But I love ,if I love him love the games ,does he love me ? I do not know ,but people often say that the net love is not true ,and the people who played in the net is also not reliable ,but I did not think so .At first he sent me some his own Asda story money let me full of encourage , as we are the player friends in the internet café in the reality we also became the closet friends .When I bored that he would chat with me and took me into the game ,when I feel that I frustration he encourage me ,when I want to give up something he also encourage me . I think my most life precious on it .When I am skilled at this game ,he will buy me something cute for me ,at this moment I think I am so happy if I am his girlfriend ,how I am foolish ,even if I did not know whether he loves me .Day after day past ,our friendship is more deep ,and sometimes he will send me some cheap Asda story gold ,but I did not accept . If I need I will buy it by myself .Our college life is over now ,but we did not meet each other again . I miss him ,but I can not touch him .The lover I miss ,do you know ?