In real life you can find this situation that many sweethearts be together for the other side have money ,if you have trouble with this matter ? But in the game world I met this . I think the game just likes the life ,but some people said that the game world is not true and often play game is not well is fault .Of cause everything has two sides ,and everybody have they are own ideas in one thing . In the real life you may not have lots of money and your material life maybe not good ,but in this game world ,you should also go to earn the eve isk as possible as you can ,and your spirit life is very happy and you can find your other side in the game .Only you have a lot of money in the game you can be strong and be rich ,and you can make a lot of eve online isk ,only do this you can be rich more Therefore ,we will be racing to play the game .In the social life if you have money other people will look down at you ,and they do not want to make friends with you ;but in the game world this situation did not exist ,and if you want to be power enough ,you may buy isk to exercise your level ,and though this you can access to the upgrade quickly and more easily .Of cause ,in this world if you have much money ,other people will want to catch with you ,and them may ask you for some experience ,only the friendly asked ,if you want to be a popular player ,please did not keep your experience keep secrete .When you play a long time ,you may find the way that how earn the cheap eve isk ,if you did not know how to do this ,please ask for help ,you will find that people in this internet game ,they are so kind and they will help you try their best .You may thought that in the real world ,if you have troubles ,not any other people want to help you friendly ,except you relationship .And in the real world you can earn you money by hard working but in this game world ,you will find you should  buy eve online isk ,in the reality word you should put your whole heart to earn money but in the game world you can easily earn lots of money .When you read here ,do you know my meaning for love existences because of money ? The love I said was the friendship love in the game world friendship !