The Federal Government has totally regarded the Constitution of The United States. The Federal should divest itself of all bureaucracies for which there is no provision in the Constitution and which such Departments userp States' Rights. These Departments would include: Department of Agriculture, Department of Educatiion, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency, the ATF. The Federal Reserve is Illegal and is no even a department of the Federal Government but it is made up of a group of the banking elite governed from London and the main force behind this organization is the International Banking Family the Rothschilds. All of the large New York banks are simply banking facilities for the Rothschilds, City Group, TheChase Manhattan Bank was, now with so many banks folding the United States will get down to a max of Six major banks all under control of the Rothschilds and the traitors in our country who are allowing this devious plan to happen by which the UNited States is being sucked into Global Government. This is possible since it was Baron Rothschild said that if I can control the purse of a nation I can control the nation. THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW WITH WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO ENACT THE SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO BAIL OUT BUT THE REAL PURPOSE IS TO WEAKEN THE ECONOMY OF THE UNITED STATES TO SUCH A DEGREE THAT WE WILL HAVE NO SOLVENCY AND WILL BE AT THE MERCY OF THE WORLD BANK AND THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION AND AS A RESULT THE UNITED STATES WILL HAVE TO SUCCUMB TO GLOBAL GOVERNMENT TO REGAIN ITS SOLVENCY.

    Our representatives in the government, the congress and the executive branch and the judiciary are all aware of what is taking place. That is why the Democrats will not call for the vote and pass this phoney bailout themselves, because they do have the votes to do it without any Republican participation, bu they the Democrats want to make certain that when all this comes to light about theUnited States being forced into Globlism and loosing its sovereignty they will not be the only ones to blame but will be able to say that the Republicans were complicent and so we go on our merry way into history with the fading of the memory of the once great nation of The United States.