The last chaos brings me happy Maybe many unhappy things in someone’s life, because of the tension of my job, that time I am so unhappy. Once a time he brings me to the life of the last chaos incidentally.  This is the first time I played the online game, from the beginning, I just like a baby, think everything is novelty. From the low level grown up, became a adult, then I find that the high ranks is not very important things, the most valuable things is the process of grown. Here I met many friends.The most proud things is I have a cute brother, he let me see the goodness and the empressement of humans. Our kill the monster very diligently strange, makes lastchaos money diligently, helps the cooperation mutually, finally each people had the cloak and the weapon oneself like. My beloved profit to buy lastchaos gold to proclaims the gun and phoenix, the unreliable deep gun and the ice skirt the bamboo is in a stew, but also has the Q8 stick and the wonderful four cloaks, the eldest child longs for even in dreams, certainly, last chaos gold could not forget the small sword's blue soul sword and the cloud day black dragon armor. Although our four brother and sister have honest and the evil, but in the years that south Manchu map has not development, does not have the dispute, has not killed in revenge, we then laugh heartily. Last chaos many corners has our four brother and sister photo souvenir of stand a row: Either the eye becomes the crescent moon smile curved, either is laughing foolishlyHowever, no matter in the game or the real life also is having the person you loved or dislike. In the game, buy last chaos gold is very cheap. somebody let me unhappy, but I am not angry, instead I want thanks them giving me the feeling of challenges. Then I shanks them gives me the chance to find the shortcoming of mine yet. Those can let me made the progress uninterrupted. Although they often killed me, but I still hope them can happy in real life. Some times litter, I will go back to work.Because I should find my feature, I should work hard yet, to built my own sky, I hope I can brings  happy to the people around me through my own hard work.At the last time I want to wish them happy,    Indeed, each thing will have the setback in the course of developing way. The last chaos cheap lastchaos gold is not arranged outside. But I dared saying that the any section of domestic game’s picture or any section of game’s character is better than last chaos, never had a game let me so deep attachment.At last, I will give the best wishes to last chaos.  Wishes the development path of last chaos can farther.