I think that the internet has a very bad impact on the culture. We are living in times when everybody has access to tools that allow people to create music, pictures and movies easliy and than place tham on internet, for anybody to see. While I find the fact of people trying to open themsalves to new ideas and doing someting artistic very positiv, puting the effects of such work on the internet adds chaos to the "cyber world". Young people have access to all the good stuff and the bad stuff, and they have problems to tell which one is which. They get tired, and they cultural taste gets worse. The effect of that - simple cultur, based on simple things. People are tired of tryind to understand the serious thing and culture, so they turn to all the cultural rubbish, witch is usually easy to master and attract young people who are looking for easy and not copmlicated lifes. Another thing is that young people doesnt have authorities, who would tell them what is good for tham and what is not. They get too much information every day, and without proper "filters", and I mean the authorities interpretation, they just absorb the info, without thinking about what it mean. The same is true for all the music, art, movies and similar things that are made by amatours and put on the net. That is what I think. I tried to put it the easiest way I could, but the whole concept is hard to put into words. What is your opinion?