After the typhoon Morakot disaster, the hottest line in Taiwan is that: The last one is greedy criminal, this one is murderer criminal. Every one in Taiwan knows the last one is Chen shui-bian. “This one” of-course is Ma ying- jeou.


As a philosopher, I always wonder why the democratic system can yield this kind of incompetent, ignorant, over-ambitious, but always feel good presidents. In US, we got George W. Bush (sorry, Senior President Bush, Yes! Your eldest son!), In Taiwan they got two!


If you look deeper, there are great similarities:


1.     The darkest age of Journalism: During the 10 to 15 years, in both Taiwan and US, the oral-injected-Viagra-typed journalists fill up every big and small media. Big-mouthed  means big –right.  Big mouth replace big brain! The worst, majority voters believe that! 

2.     Academics performed as a sin enabler not an independent thinker!

Taiwan’s Nobel prize winner Yuan-Tseh Lee is one of them In Chen shui-bian era. The flooded and cheap PhDs turned politicians in Ma’s cabinet is notable example. In USA, Bush era: John Yoo, Francis Fukuyama plus chains of names…….

3.     When disaster came or their choice of failure vindicated, the above-mentioned Presidents, they all fell good and “vindicate” their capability. The faults lie in their citizen!

4.     They all forget the Government should serve their people, of the people, by the people. The 101 DEMOCTATIC PRINCIPLES.

5.     They all have an over-ambitious heart but incompetent capacity and brain. Especially, Mr. Ma.  ( I 95% guarantee, Mr. Ma’s political future is finished in Taiwan!)



What a shame (not for them, they feel great honor) to be this kind of democratic elected President.  A great lesson to be learnt again: There is no guarantee we’ll have a normal and average president under democratic election.  The worst, even, as a  philosopher, I do not have an answer to prevent this happen again and again in the democratic world.


God bless human being!