I've always pondered the wording of this phrase, The human race. Are we all just competitors in this race we called life. it does pose a lot of intriguing questions; is there a prize at the end for the winner? does the universe reward 2nd place?

I do believe that there also must be a certain set of rules we must follow. these rules, i think, are all around us and are there to help keep life on track. it doesn't where you are from what colour you are, the religion we choose, EVERYONE starts on an even playing ground. its whether you follow the rules, determines where you finish!

"The human race is a non-stop race. With too many trials but no real case" this is a line from a famous australian band which touches lightly on the topic and shows there are people around who are in tune with this subject.

well good luck to my fellow competitiors and hopefully one day i shall see you with me on the winner's podium.