Hero online, this game is my first online game; people can not laugh me, after, in the new game I may need you advice. To be honest I just play the Hero online game for me to introduce a few good friends, from the first day I played the game, I was deeply fell in love the game. Buy Hero Online Gold becomes normal thing.

  Its screen and the role of people are doing very well, I was very like. From that time, in addition to daily work, eat, sleep, the other time, I have to it, I was upgrading madman, I want to upgrade high levels and earn many Hero Online Gold. At that time helper was not out, a large group of people around killing monsters, all manual, I find that it is very lively. During that time is also the most enjoyable days of me in this game. Every day, I and my good friend team up for kill monsters, chat, and earn Hero Online Money. We have the kind of swordsman feeling the whole day, I like an ancient chivalrous.   Unfortunately, beautiful time is always short, hero helper out, it like a demon that it pollution that aesthetic space of the game, I also listen to losses as one GM said to combat WG, it will be fight in the end. I imagine what day that I see WG disappeared from the game, I saw people manually upgrade, happy to chat and hard to earn Cheap Hero Online Gold again. But until now, we all know the results.   I insist now, it can be said that is still have the harvest, blessing in disguise. When I am about to give up on this game, my wife appeared. She is very cute, at first she is my sister in the game. Later, after slowly contacts and understanding, I started secretly in love with her, but at first I did not dare to told her, every day I always go the here online game to play with her. I felt it is very happy with her; she is really a good girl. Finally, I asked her if she can do my wife, she smiled and she said she loves me too. In this way she becomes my wife. She took me happy in the game, although in the game it also has WG; I also like to play because I have her in the game.

  In the game, I also made a lot of other friends, but many people have been left because WG, I hope every people can find happy in the game. I think I will continue play the game.