-I wrote this after a recent breakup to help clear my head.  I'm sharing it here because I think the sentiments are not born of experiences unique to me.-



No, it's not that you aren't worth the effort, and Yes, I know how to play the game.


I present myself in the best possible light, while treating you like you're extraordinary and fascinating, when I don't even know anything about you.  We talk and I am interested in every thing you say, while you laugh at all my jokes.  I show interest, and then act aloof, you tease and flirt.  I chase, then you chase, and we dance some more.  We go to nice places and see concerts, and shows.  We hit clubs, and bars, and stay out later than we should.  I send you flowers, and buy you things.  You protest and I insist.  We fall hopelessly in love, letting ourselves believe we've found someone just like we've always wanted, because we've always wanted, but this is not us, and in the end, we are who we are.  Three months go by, then six, and we find that we are not who we thought we were.  Under the shadows of disappointment, and the haze of the half truths, we learn finally whether we even like each other.


Yes, I know how to play, but I'm not willing.  I know who I am and that's all I'm willing to be.  I don't know who you are, so you can show me what you want, but please just be who you are, because that's who I want to spend time with.  When I say you're beautiful, it's because you are.  When I get you flowers, it's because I was thinking of you.  We know the game, but we don't have to play it.