These days I was busy playing the power level. I went to lumbridge to pick up the skin of the ox, and then I took to the dressmaker shop to make clothes. I always did like this before 40 LVL. But I had to change the way to play after 40 LVL.

I was the RS member. So I no need to have to pick up the skin of the ox or buy it with much runescape gold. Of course I can also catch the silver ore to make sliver item if I was not the member. It was very slow to do like that. I became the member long time ago, so I can use a faster way to get high level. I made glasses these days after I was 45 levels.

  I had not buy runescape usually after I was the member of the RS game. I usually went the port phasmatys. It was the best place to make glass. I was the ghost ahoy before I went there or I can not go to the city. I went to near the door of the city. It was very convenient. It was not far away from the bank to the iron stove. So it was convenient to make the iron. It was faster to get the grass.

It was a little trouble to get the sand barrel and the grass. It was a little easy to get the sand barrel. I had to get the sand in hand. I went to the yanille to talk with the Bert, and then he gave me more than 80 barrels sand without rs gold. I usually put thousands of empty barrels in the store, and then I went to the lost city to get the sand. It was very trouble to get the grass. I usually bought the sand in the ghost city. It was the best way according to my experience. I went to find the ship officer to buy sand. If there was no people buy the sand recently. The officer usually had 20 grasses. The price was in cheap rs gold. It was slow to get the grass. I usually changed the server if there was no other person bought the grass.

  I played the game by hand. I was 46 levels, and my magic was more than 56 levels now. I can make the runescape money by hand myself now. It was a little to make the glass. I had to make one by one place. I got 20 point experience in one place. I had got much gold though it was a little trouble.