I'm not someone who thinks that there is anything particularly special about the era we live in, except for the fact that as a species this is the oldest we've ever been. However I do think there is something inevitable about where we're going, that it is not all just relative and that it is not only a matter of time before the whole world order is turned inside out again. While I believe the Westphalian state system will run its course, eventually to be replaced with some kind of global federalism, I do believe that the enshrining of individual rights and freedom in a formalized social compact between government and the governed is inevitable. Human civilization has only been around for a few thousand years, maybe it just took us a while to finally land upon the form of government that most precisely comports with immutable human nature. I would argue that human nature is inevitable, we today are motivated by the same hopes and fears and physical fears as our ancestors of 8,000 years ago, so why shouldn't the way we govern humans have any less of a sense of inevitability about it?