The following is a short article from an on-line Dominican Republic newspaper DR1.

Ventura Bayonet: They took millions to kill
The chief of staff of the Dominican Navy, Vice-Admiral Julio Cesar Ventura Bayonet, warned that if the armed forces do not fulfill their duty, the country could become chaotic. He pointed out that all over the world drug traffickers are trying to get inside the armed forces, business associations, clubs and religious organizations. He said that "this is the way that drug mafias work all around the world, and we (the DR) are not exempt from it." According to the front page of Listin Diario, the admiral said that testimony from the officers arrested in connection with the massacre at Paya in Bani showed that the officers took payments of RD$2 or RD$3 million to carry out the killings. Ventura Bayonet said, "These officers lost their way, and they thought that this was a way of obtaining riches that many of their superiors do not have. They let themselves be tempted by easy money, and look where it got them."

 This is just an example of what is going on all over the world because of drug prohibition. It's a 500 billion dollar a year business.

Now if we legalized all drugs there would be no traffickers.