The Darkest Age of Journalism Take 2: Cramer vs Jon Stewart The bravest and noble Lady Katharine Graham, the late Publisher of Washington Post was long gone! The spirit of young, hungry and innocent Bob Woodward was gone too! Look what we have now: NYT, WASHINGTON Post, WSJ, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, USAtoday….. you namely it! In 2001, they all outwitted, out-analyzed, and out played by Bush, Cheney, and Karl rove with the fake WMD theory. They want war! The 99% of major and minor media gave them war! Now we got 3-trillion, unnecessary war (see Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz’s book, please!), at its worst, we lost 8 yr in Bush and fell in the deep recession! The poor NYT even helped Bush in 2004 election to cover up his may be unlawful taping and eavesdropping homeland Americans! NYT dare not to publish it! Where had all the Lady Graham and young Woodward gone? I missed them badly. That is why Jimmy Huntington of Bigthink called the first Darkest Age of Journalism. Result: Unnecessarily Iraq war and US lost eight yr. Now comes take two! Madoff’s the biggest Ponzi scheme existed for more than twenty years in US, none of the media dare or competent enough to expose it. AIG’s full of flaws, computer-generated CDS formula and David X, Li’s “on default Correction” of CDS formula, none! I repeat none of any business reporter or commentator can understand them! The worst, almost everyday they give “an opinionated out burst by presumably objective reporter (quoted form former CNN analyst, Myron Kandel” with the viagra-injected shouting: BUY, BUY, BUY, or SELL, SELL, SELL! Mortgage crisis, home forecloser and over leverage, to me it seems like that only Prof. Paul Krugman talk and predict them happened. Now it seems to me that again, only the comedian Jon Stewart has courage enough to blame the incompetent media. Part of their responsibility to cause the recession. And the small fish, Jim Cramer braves enough to say: I made a mistake! Is it something wrong within this society, the comedian to perform the job of CBS’s 60 minutes! The Darkest Age of Journalism takes two. Result: Recession! I missed Lady Graham (not the present one of Washington Post) and the young, hungry and innocent Bob Woodward! “Why not the Carl Bernstein?” No! The horse-picking one, who is with his mundane and biased analysis in CNN 2008 Election program? Sadly, he was done a long time ago! Forget about him.