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The Dalai Lama is on Instagram

The Dalai Lama is a busy man traveling the world meeting with world leaders and members of the Tibetan diaspora. Now you can keep up with his journeys by following the Dalai Lama on Instagram. Yes, everything from what he ate for lunch today to the view outside of his airplane window at sunset is there! We’re just kidding.

Checking out his first posted photos, we see that his Holiness recently spoke to students at a school in India and also attended an inter-faith meeting , also in India. Like all icons, he posted the obligatory photo with one of social media’s rock stars, President Barack Obama.

One of the best photos, however, shows the Dalai Lama looking overjoyed to receive a traditional Tibetan welcome in San Francisco. He is known to do much work to support Tibetan communities around the world and encourage Tibetan cultural traditions.

So far, his Holiness has over eighteen thousand followers. Will you be following him?

Image credit: Mihai Romanciuc/Flickr


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