1. the bushs got us into a world footing in three different countried which produce and process opium from poppyfields into high grade HEROIN,THIS BEING THE CHEIF IF NOT ONLY "CASH CROP" AND AGRARIAN INTERPRISE subscribed to by these same countries!!
  2. if the war was about oil,where the hell is it??gasoline has never costed more!!!why has there been no "WAR VICTORY BONUS" for the people who have sacrificed their sons and daughters.U.S. SERVICE PERSONNEL to achieve SUPREMACY OVER THE ENTIRE THEATER OF WAR OPERATIONS?
  3. WHY DO CHENEY ,HALIBURTON AND THE BUSHS WANT TO BUILD SO MANY AIRPORTS THROUGHOUT THE THEATER OF WAR OPERATIONS when no one from that part orf the world can afford to travel by plane,and that anyone from this area would surely be considered a "security risk" in any travelers perspective as regards "air safety",thre is only one "bulk product of any "perceived  value":opium and heroin"(a whopping 6000%profit margin and the additional capacity to "socially engineer" populations at home and abroad with these toxic and socially destructive tools of unscrupulous "MERCHANTS OF DEATH" who would use these "products" to destrioy populations of people of color,destroy threatening "voting aged" segments of society with "drug addiction and political and civil deminishment and negation,reduce the valuation of residential and business properties temporarily -so that after the effects of drugs upon these same communities thes same properties may be "bought at rock-bottom" prices later to be sold  for unconscionable profits after a cessation of drug importation and interpositioning and thereafter a "re-gentrification" after the original owners and citizens have been "swept away" into prisons,drug treatment programs or murdered as a consequence  and plan to physically take over great swaths of american real estate for "a prayer"!
  4. significant amounts of siezed heroin have already shown up in ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA,NEW YORK ,TEXAS AND ELSEWHERE WITH "BUSTS" VALUED INDIVIDUALLY IN THE TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!THIS IS "HIGH GRADE" SOUTH WEST ASIA "WHITE HEROIN" NOT THE FORMERLY MORE COMMON "BLACK TAR HEROIN" SMUGGLED IN FROM MEXICO!!A RECORD OF C.I.A. ENVOLVEMENT DURING THE "CRACK COCAINE EPIDEMIC"  WHICH OLIVER NORTH AND OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WERE SHOWN TO BE COMPLICIT AND PRINCIPALS IN THE DRUG'S IMPORTATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF DESTROYIN "BLACK COMMUNITIES" ACROSS THIS NATION appearantly was not a lesson well enough learned to keep the same pervasive elements within our nations power elite from periodically and planne'dly repeating the same devastatingly pernicious and genocidal tactics they performed and continue to perform upon an overtaxed and prostrate economically stressed society!!!this poison can not walk here to our fair continent...human if not blatantly "inhuman agencies and government aircraft,group and airborne transport brings this gift of death to our young and vulnerable element within our nieghborhoods and communities!!!we as taxpayers are paying for the planes,the shipments and the logistical support orf t6he armies to safeguard these shipments that are and /or will be killing our own children now and in the future if indeed there is a future beyond the bushs and their ilk!!!