My life did not really have a beginning and nor will it have an end. Just like the field of vision, where sight begins and where it ends is unclear. It’s a blur. And so it seems was the beginning of my life, a blur of black and white. Just like the beginning of time – nothing somehow blurs into something. It was the same with sound. When did it begin? There was silence. I can remember that. Or at least I can remember the absence of sound. I’m not sure silence and the absence of sound are the same. Can a deaf man really know silence if he has never known sound? For my part, the sound is what enables me to hear the silence just as the silence enables me to hear the sound. But when I first heard sound, I cannot say. There was no sound. Then there was sound. And in between, there was the blur. Its in the blur that awakening takes place. It has to be that way. Awareness cannot arouse itself – otherwise it must have already been aroused. Non-awareness cannot arouse itself either – otherwise it too must have already been aroused. What makes the seed germinate? What makes the unborn born? Something lies dormant and suddenly springs into awakening. One day there is no heartbeat and then in the twinkle of time there is one. What is this twinkle of time – it’s the blur between non-existence and existence. It’s the place where time stands still. It bridges the gap between finity and infinity. The span between time and no time is where time blurs, where time stands still. It’s the blur that stands between form and formlessness. This is the place where the distinction between beginning and no beginning is lost. This is the place where the distinction between existence and non-existence is lost. Its the twilight zone where the distinction between day and night is lost. Its the middle way where the distinction between good and evil is lost. It is to be found between belief and non-belief, fantasy and reality, concepts and precepts. Its essence is that it removes all distinctions. It is the melding and uniting force of the Universe. Whenever a wall of non-comprehension is met, it melds the two competing and seemingly inconsistent elements and fuses them in a place beyond reasoning and logic – in the blur. It is the place between wakefulness and sleep – where the illogical becomes logical. Where dreams are formed. It makes compatible the incompatible. It is the blur which makes the impossible possible and the possible impossible. It is what makes the certain uncertain and the uncertain certain. It is the place where the two become one. It is a place that allows no distinction – nowhere within the blur can the dividing line be found. It is a garment without a seam. It is the place where no definition is possible – no defining line – no point of reference. It is another dimension that escapes the rules of distinction – it pervades all and knows no boundaries. It is a place where no territory can be claimed. It eludes all efforts to hold it. It cannot be owned. If science could see into the blur, it would no longer be the blur. The act of looking would cause the blur to step into form and into time. But in reality, science will never penetrate the blur. To those caught in a place where time stands still – everything else will be a blur.