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The Best For Sale Sign… Ever

Elle Zober’s husband left her for a 22-year old “yoga girl,” and Elle didn’t take it with a whimper.

Instead she channeled her heartache and disappointment into crafting what has got to be the most wonderful, kick-ass For Sale by Owner real estate sign ever:

I love this sign, if only because it’s thinking outside of the box when it comes to handling infidelity, marital breakdown, heartache–as well as the real estate crisis. 

Usually, the funny bone is the first casualty of marital betrayal and trauma, but not in this case.

It’s also refreshing that Elle is taking away the shame that attaches to the non-cheating spouse, all too often, when things like this happen.

To his credit, however, the ex-husband, and he of the 22-year old yoga girl, who is just as eager to sell the house so that both he and Elle can move on to their post-marriage lives, paid to have his own self-incriminating, “Scarlet A” For Sale sign printed.  Sometimes people can make small gestures of decency and civility toward each other—even after the marriage has fallen apart. It’s nice to see.

Even better is Elle’s website to detail the house’s history, which shows the kind of maturity, honesty, and wisdom that we so rarely hear in a public discussion of adultery.

“We did everything right,” she writes with bracing candor, “but, as with many marriages, our story ends in divorce. This isn’t the worst that could happen to me. Sure, I’m angry, and every bit as sad as the sign suggests…but I’m also equally grateful for the life I do have, and I know that the best way to move forward for all of us is to focus on that.”

 I hope the house gets many offers, and that Elle’s wit and resilience is rewarded, and that both can move forward into the post-marriage life as cordially and wisely as possible.


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