I recently read a book that dealt with youth ministries. In one of the chapters it mentioned short term missions trips. The author had obviously had some rough experiences with them. He believed that, while being a good thing, they were not really worth the time or money. Speaking from experience I immediately had to disagree with him. It was on a short term missions trip that I realized God could use my life in ways I didn't even imagine. Not only were these trips beneficial for reaching the people of those foreing countries with the gospel; they also created a real passion inside of me for lost souls. On these trips my world was expanded, I gained a desire to see the people of the world reached with the message of Hope. I got to see how materialistic I am as an american. I saw people with hopelessness in their eyes, begging for the good news of Jesus Christ. I wouldn't trade the experiences I gained on those trips for anything. By the way, there are many believers who I will see in heaven one day as a result of those trips. Praise the Lord for youth pastors who were brave enough to take 20 teenagers to a foreign country.