contemporary american conservatism is supported only by conventionalized Burkeian ideology---convention for the sake of convention. it maintains no root in the classic lockein laws of nature and nature's God that our Constitution is informed by via the Declaration of Independence. contemporary american liberalism is supported only by the secular leftism that stems from the progressive revolution of the 20th century and is rooted in a marxist understanding of the world. this is why the post-modern political understanding ends in a continuous round of class-stratification and conventionalized identification---the phenomenon named by Martin Heidegger and later philosophers as the "mass society." this ideology ends in the "they-self," the sense of "fallen-ness" by which the individual genuinely feels no control over his/her individual experience---that is, the individual is accountable only to race, gender, sexual preference, rigid and inflexible ideology and political position. this condition ends in the political position of the country as it is now...where change is justified for the sake of change...regardless of whether or not change is good...and all platforms are viewed in the light of progressivism, where policy is either a move "forward" or a "regression." this is a world of social darwinism in which there is no place for God or reasoning man, it is the end of political philosophy and the dawning of "social construction"---where even the thinking man is predetermined from birth. just the fact that we can live in a world that tosses about "faith and values" as opposed to what is and is not eternally true...speaks to our climate of nihilism.