We are going through an identity crisis in this country that is costing us dearly and has even greater implications when applied to a world concept.  The current American concept has attempted to accommodate so many different cultures that, as a people, we no longer understand or represent a vision of ourselves.  Our "melting pot" concept has changed from one that allows others to come here and become a part of something larger than themselves, to a concept of commerce, dominated by profit (political and financial).   We no longer rely on the social designs spelled out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Our laws have been prostituted to a point where we accept their application by individuals in charge, when and if they see fit.  The current administration has taken this to such extremes that we almost accept a "wait and see" concept of governing applications.    Our basic values are no longer written in stone and we seem to accept it.   We and the world would benefit greatly if we again understood an unwavering code of national integrity and identity.   We had better start caring more about who we are as a nation or the concept of "The United States of America" may soon be relegated to that of a past world power that lost its sole.