The Adventurous Yang beats the Calculated Tiger


The best is in Bgthink, so I write here.


There is only a few can predict scientifically, not Nick Faldo, not the CBS team, let alone the Golf Channel team. The best is in Bigthink! Jimmy Huntington predicted in August 12, (before the PGA started), Tiger has 95% chance lost the entire majors in 2009! Now I made the history right.


It is no surprise to me, Asian can win major (Do not forget the Asian (Chinese) invented Golf!  (Scotland just refine the modern Golf!).  2009 surprise me is that MR. Y.E. Yang won 2009 PGA in Tiger’s dominated era! It is textbook case for professional Golf.


As I wrote it here before, Tiger is best professional golfer since golf invented. However, he is not the best skilled golfer in history. He still needs to improve his Driver, and short games!


Monday Golf experts all agrees it is the putting let Tiger down.

To me it is the short game and his calculated attitude kills him! In the Sunday 18th, he missed the last chip in the edge, for most Professional, he would putt first and finish his 1st runner-up job and let Yang enjoy the last glory! Tiger is not! He was calculating! That is characteristics of professional killer! Wait until the last chance evaporated.


For Yang, his adventurous attitude won the major.  Sunday’s 14th, 16th and the 18th second hybrid shot killed the calculated Tiger.

Marvelous textbook! Too calculated make him tense and down!