why is it that when people convert to Atheisum its always cause they think god keeps being unfair?

it dosnt make any sense wouldnt you rather target satin for all these misfourtens? i dont know if anyone of you know this but its not just god its god vs satin satin use to be lucifur who was [before jesus] gods secound hand man so basicly it was god then lucifure then the other angels then when god made Adam lucifur betayed god and posined mans heart and from then on was renamed satin and trys to make the world as bad as possible. dont get me wrong god is stronger then satin but satin has some level of power over 'US' witch leads to all of the worlds suffering

so the next time you try to blam god for the war ,hunger ,and unfairness in world remember that thats not how god made it thats how satin poisined it