In the past time, I have no ideas about the net game and because my best friend likes to play it so much that I am dragged to join that group. To tell the truth, I do not prefer playing the game at all because I should spend some money to get the Scions Of Fate gold. Hence, at the beginning, I have no interest on the game and refuse to take part in it again.On an occasional day, I was very bored and then went to a net bar to surf online. When I reached the net bar, I saw a girl sit there with silence and gave her my best wishes. On hearing my words, she smiled and asked me for my account number to add me as her friend. Out of the curiosity and inadvertently words, I have known her named snow. At first, I had never thought I would become such easy to tell the strange my contact number but this time I was not a reasonable people because I can not control my true feeling for her. Maybe, I have fallen in love with her for the first sight. After talking with her, I knew that she was also a player in the net game and she liked to spend money on the SOF gold. Because it was her interest, I became willing to play with her.I can not forget that when we played this game together, she always went the wrong road and I must run there to save her. Because she always loaded very poor and was afraid of me to blame her, she would give me a naughty face in order not to let me angry. Receiving her lively face, I would laugh out and forgive her mischievous. Besides, when she need the cheap SOF gold, I would buy it for her. Does she remember last her birthday? I asked her what she wanted. She said that she needed a commitment. In fact, it was not me not to give her my promise because I fear that I can not make it come true one day. When she saw that I can not give her the commitment, she thought that I did not like her and was very angry. As a matter of fact, I loved her very much and no matter how much the Scions Of Fate money that she wanted, I would buy it for her. Besides, every time, she said that she wanted to buy sof gold, I did not allow her to do that because I knew she had no too much money.The happy time last several months and because of some personal problems, I will leave her for a long time and I hope that she can take care of herself without me.