The dusk is coming and I will open the computer to make use of the Scions Of Fate gold to surf in the net game as usual because I have been used to this kind of life. Maybe, in the past time, I hated to be online for some personal reasons, but now I find that the net is very useful for me and without the internet, I can not image what my life will become. Because I am alone in this strange city and do not have few friends around me, I choose to spend my spare time to enjoy myself in the unreal world of the game. Therefore, I have been a player in the unreal world for a long time and will insist on walking on the road until my sweet dream will come true. I am the same as every girl who has her own dream when she was a child. As for me, I also have my own dream that I will look for my wife in the future and then marry with her to live a happy life in my rest life. Suddenly, I receive a piece of message that is written on the screen of the computer to show that she wants to invite me to play with her by the SOF gold. I am very excited to see that message and think that who she is. Does she remember me? I have never known such kind of name. Although I am worried about the danger that she will bring to me, I can not control my curiosity to point the image of that character to inform that I am online. As I thought, she gives me her answer at once and sends a smile face to me. In the following, I begin to talk with her and know that she is a new player that does not have any experience in the game that she has wasted a lot of Scions Of Fate money to do exercise. However, she can not receive the good result that improves the level of her character. Besides, she tells me that some of other players refuse to let her to join their group. Because she has no ideas to deal with the problem, she sends a lot of similar messages to attract the attention of warm players to hope that they can do a favor to her.On hearing her explanation, I also send her a smile face and tell her that I will help her to use the cheap SOF gold to enhance the equipment of her character and ask her to buy sof gold on a famous website. After listening to my words, she feels very happy and promises that she is willing to be my wife in the unreal world.Of course, I express my happiness and agree to accept her request right away.