Ever since we discovered the link between sunburns and skin cancer, the sun has been demonized continuously, and over the years became something to avoid completely. We invented creams that block UV rays, we impregnated fabrics clothes with SPF stuff, we go to the pool and beach fully dressed, etc., etc. Apparently in avoiding the sun in fear of burns, we have become a nation of vitamin D deficient people (humane skin produces vitamin D when exposed to UVB rays). Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many health issues in study after study, including many common cancers, weaken immune system and all illnesses that go with it, and even rickets has returned after being "cured" many years ago.. We have evolved on this planet under the sun, and it is mind boggling to think that sunshine is bad for us.. Sun is life. Vitamin D deficient is a major public health issue that is simple to rectify, with modarate exposure to the sun or by taking Vitamin D supplements. The problem is, that no one can make money from sun exposure or from a $4.00 bottle of vitamin D. Since Doctors get their continuing education from Drug Reps, they'll never hear about the finding of the latest research concerning vitamin D and are stay in the dark (so to speak).