The Best ROI (Return On Investment) For Small And Local Businesses Is Email Marketing. Learn How To Make $60 Every Time You Spend $1.

So many small and local businesses like yours and mine come in contact with numerous customers/clients every single day. How much would our businesses prosper if we could find a way to capture their information and continually market to them and consistently make money from it?Email marketing is just such a tool. Current leading surveys say that for every $1.00 spent on email marketing it will return to our business slightly less than $60.00. That is one hell've a ROI (return on investment.)Here in my town of Grand Ledge, Michigan I have a good friend that owns a paint your own pottery studio. He has a list of about 2500 email addresses of his customers yet he does nothing with that list. He does not actively try to grow the list or market to it. If he did he could be making about (assuming that he spends a $1.00 per person) $14,000 every month or so.Do you think he would be having a hard time in this recession if he was making that kind of money? No. Probably not.What about your business? How much money could you be raking in every time you sent out an email or newsletter? $10,000; $15,000; maybe $20,000; or would it be more?Here check out this video and see what I mean: Do your self a favor: Start collecting emails from all your customers/clients and send them an email and/or newsletter every so often.Don't have the time or knowledge to do it? That's fine. I will do it for you. Just email me at or give me a call at 517-488-3783 and I'll gladly give you a quote for my services. I guarantee it will be very affordable.