Clay Burell has done a masterful job of launching and publicizing Students 2.0, the new student group blog. It has been less than a month since the launch of Students 2.0 and it already is in the same Technorati arena as LeaderTalk, EduBlog Insights, The Blue Skunk Blog, and other edublogosphere favorites. The Students 2.0 blog notes in its sidebar:

We are students: the ones who come to school every day, raise our hands with safe questions, and keep our heads down. Except, now we have a voice – a strong voice – to share our ideas through a global network.

A global platform for aggregated K-12 student voice? I love it!

Clay's got his work cut out for him. As I've learned with LeaderTalk, sustaining initial momentum and enthusiasm can be difficult. Also, I think he needs more authors (maybe Sylvia Martinez and others can help?) and he's going to have start thinking about a succession plan. Who will replace these students when they graduate? Will we follow this initial group of bloggers into postsecondary education (Higher Ed 2.0?) and beyond? The challenges are both daunting and fascinating.

Clay, I hope you're at NECC this year so I can shake your hand. Nice work! Kudos also to the students. They are off to a great start. May their voices become numerous and powerful...