Many people think that play game is not good ,they said play game not only spent money but also we will be in it and did not study or work anymore .But I did not think so ,when I play game I find the world is so beautiful beyond our reality life . In our social life we should pretend to be better than we are really not very well in our reality power.But in the game word we not need ,we only need some cabal online alz to get into the game word space .In this game what the story goes ahead decided by what you do in the game ,not like the social word .Play this game just as in the real life adventure ,you can choose what to do next .At the beginning ,you should use cabal alz ,when you in you should carefully which level you should choose and be sure you can play this level weather you are a newer or an old player. Then you will felt that what is happening in the game was happening around you ,when you entered it you can play how long is depended on yourself . If you want to go out ,at the final ,you can outcome entirely by your choice .Perhaps ,at the last when you outcome the game ,maybe you are the lucky one ,that you will earn little or much cabal gold ,and at the same time ,you will own with a brand new character.  When you finished your work ,to find a way relax yourself ,you should thought cabal ,and before you started this game ,I think you should arrange your time and make sure that no one would trouble you ,the next important thing is to buy cabal alz,then you should enter the role of this game .Of cause when you play the game there was something occurred ,at this I only said ,I am so sorry you should outcome the game and please come back next time and you should enter again .But if you fail ,you can use your cabal money for a fresh start , but if you choose the back button ,of cause the game is over and it has meaningless .This is my love ,is full of joy and funny ,if you have a try ,please go on ,the longer you play the more interesting you can find in the game world ,is not the same as the reality life but is more happier in reality life ,in this game word you can join the team which can teach you something very useful .And you will learn more in the game ,and it can relax you ease and made you busy life is fun !